Forest honey Golden Sweetness

Jungle Sting is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom, cherishing the remarkable healing properties of forest honey. Supported by contemporary research, our dark forest honey is renowned for its abundant antioxidants. Jungle Sting’s Forest Honey exemplifies these attributes, making it a genuine superfood.

Our honey is sourced sustainably by skilled Local collectors, ensuring the protection of bee populations and their natural habitats. When you choose Jungle Sting, you’re not just acquiring honey; you’re supporting tribal honey gatherers, enabling them to preserve their age-old way of life. This commitment prevents them from having to migrate to urban areas, allowing them to continue living in harmony with the land they’ve inhabited for generations. We take pride in offering fair compensation for their labor, expertise, and profound knowledge of the forest’s intricacies.

Each jar of Jungle Sting’s Forest honey captures the essence and vitality of a thousand different flowers. What adds an extra layer of intrigue is that the honey’s color, composition, and taste can change with the seasons. Our dedicated tribal foragers venture deep into the heart of the forest to collect honey produced by bees from various plants, ensuring you receive nature’s

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Organic Honey (250 Gr.)

Jungle Sting brings to you, the rarest and purest Organic honey from the buffer zone of SATPURA NATIONAL PARK (M.P) which is famous for its rich flora and fauna. Our raw honey is unprocessed and is collected by Bharias Tribals who crawl into the jungle and climb the trees to get your favorite raw forest honey to your table. Our raw honey is 100% natural with no flavour, no treatment, and no additives. With the nectar of more than 60+ floral plants. The honey produced by honey bees is raw with many health advantages. Our raw forest honey has exceptional quality, great taste, and a mesmerizing aroma. Net weight 250gm MultiFlora 100% Raw 100% natural Zero added Suger

Organic Honey (500 Gr.)

Jungle Sting brings to you, rarest and purest Organic honey from the oldest mountain ranges of the word Aravalli. Our honey is Raw and unprocessed and is collected by Tribals who go deep inside the forest and climb rock and crawl in the jungle and climb the tallest of the trees to get your favourate raw forest honey to your table .Our raw honey is 100% natural with no flavour, no treatment, and no additives. With the nector of more then 60+ floral plants.The honey produced by honey bees are raw with many health advantages. Our raw forest honey has exceptional quality, great taste and mesmerizing aroma . Net weight 500gm MultiFlora 100% Raw 100% natural Zero added Suger

Organic Honey (Premium Packing)

In today’s world of adulteration, Jungle Sting brings to you, straight from the laps of nature to your home, the nectarine sweetness of ‘madhu’ and many other products. Our organic honey is neither mass produced nor is it processed in factories. It is squeezed out from the combs straight into the bottles with a single filtration step. Every bottle of honey is permeated with the fragrance of the fruit or floral plant from which the bees collect the nectar.

Junglesting Forest Honey: Unleash the Wild Wonder on Your Palate!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Junglesting Forest Honey, where nature's purest nectar meets the untamed beauty of the wilderness of Aravalli and Satpura Forests. Our raw honey is 100% natural, devoid of any added flavours, treatments, or additives. It embodies the essence of over 60 plus floral plants, as the honey bees diligently gather nectar from a diverse array of blooms. The result is a raw honey with numerous health advantages, a pure and unaltered elixir straight from the heart of nature.

Uniqueness of Junglesting Forest Honey

Our honey stands as a testament to its raw and unprocessed nature, harvested by Bharai Tribals in Madhya Pradesh for Satpura Forest Honey and Garasias tribes in Rajasthan for Aravalli Forest Honey. These tribes, ingrained in the tradition for generations, have been meticulously trained by their forefathers to extract honey hygienically. Their method involves selectively cutting only the portion of the hive containing honey, leaving the rest of the hive untouched.

Blend of Junglesting

Junglesting Forest Honey is a rare and exquisite blend, handcrafted by the diligent bees that roam the lush canopies of the jungle. Our honey is a celebration of purity, untouched by human interference. Harvested with care and respect for the delicate balance of nature, Junglesting Forest Honey is a testament to our commitment to preserving the pristine ecosystems that nurture its creation. Whether drizzled over a warm slice of toast, stirred into your favourite tea, or enjoyed straight from the spoon, each taste is a journey through the untamed beauty of the jungle. Junglesting Forest Honey is not just a product; it is a commitment to environmental stewardship. We offer Aravalli Forest Honey and Satpura Forest Honey. With every jar, you contribute to the conservation of the jungles that inspire us.

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Why Choose Junglesting

  • Environmentally Conscious - At Jungle Sting, our commitment to environmental care takes precedence in all our endeavours.
  • Unaltered Goodness - We pride ourselves on the untouched nature of our forest honey. No filtering, heating, processing, or any form of treatment interferes with the purity of the honey we collect.
  • Wildflower Elegance - Our natural honey is a product of the rare wildflowers that grace the jungles from December to April, creating a unique and exquisite blend.
  • Empowering Tribals - Working closely with tribal communities forms the backbone of our operations. This collaboration not only forges strong bonds but also actively supports their upliftment and well-being.
  • Nutrient-Rich Delight - Being raw forest honey, Jungle Sting's offering is inherently more nutritious, providing a wholesome experience with every spoonful.
  • Superfood from the Wild - The honey bees responsible for our golden elixir are the rare Apis dorsata Giant Honeybees. Their raw honey boasts higher levels of enzymes, amino acids, and minerals compared to counterparts found in other parts of the world.
  • Premium Packaging Elegance - Elevating the entire experience, our honey comes in uniquely premium packaging. Encased in a glass bottle with a wooden cap, each jar includes a honey dipper, ensuring that every moment of indulgence is as refined as the honey it holds.
  • Affordable- Our Forest Honey is affordable and genuine.
Embark on a journey through nature's bounty with Junglesting Forest Honey. We believe that by savouring the goodness of the jungle, we can all play a part in preserving its wonders for generations to come. To savour the richness and support our commitment to environmental stewardship, try Junglesting Forest Honey today. For inquiries and orders, feel free to contact us