Aravalli Honey in Jungle Sting's exclusive Jar


Raw honey collected by local tribals from the jungle of Aravalli ranges.

Satpura Forest Honey in Jungle Sting's exclusive Jar


Raw honey collected by bharia tribes from Jungle of Satpura, M.P.

Olive Herbal Tea by Jungle Sting


Vitality of tea, with the rigour and potency of olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Jungle Sting

Olive Oil

Our exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from organic Olives. 

Jungle Sting Exclusive Honey Jar

The Jungle Sting Story

Deep in the majestic JUNGLE, nature’s tiny production engineer, the bee and the royal tiger, live in harmony, one as powerful as the other. The jungle – full of life! A raw fresh energy that pervades through every being! The very life source resonating through every flap of the bees wings and every roar of the Tiger!. We do have lush green farms of olive trees plantation.

It is this fresh life energy that we bring through our products into your homes. The buzz of the bees, the bird calls, the growl of animals, the freshness of wild flowers and olive trees – each contributes to what makes our product truly unique. 

We invite you to take a barefoot walk with us in this lush wilderness: take in a mouthful of the nectarine sweetness of our honey and soothe your being with the sips of our unique blended herbal olive teas.

Let’s bring the jungle & Natural & Raw Forest Honey into your homes today! 


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The Jungle Sting Difference

Our every product is infused with purity, passion and promise. We have a zero-tolerance policy against the use of synthetics, and preservatives. We are driven by our mantra of sustainable development and ecological harmony. Jungle Sting works in alliance with the natives of the jungles, the tribals of the Satpura forest local Bharai tribes and the tribals of the Aravalli forest along with the local farmers where olive trees are grown from where we source our products like Natural & Raw Forest Honey and Olive tea.

We are inspired by the industrious bees, who quietly and diligently buzz around from flower to flower in search of the purest of the pure, least realising that their flitting from one plant to the other leads to mass cross-pollination; our very existence on earth is sustained by the tiny Bee! We, at Jungle Sting, endeavour to suffuse your life with the exotic purity of our products, which are sourced from the raw and abundant wilderness created by the industrious Bee and protected by the majestic tiger!

Jungle Sting team extracting honey from Forest
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Herbal Olive Tea Mint

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Herbal Olive Tea Lemongrass

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Herbal Olive Tea Chamomile

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Herbal Olive Tea Hibiscus

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vicky lalwani
vicky lalwani
All there products are amazing have tried there honey its one of the best honey ever had.
Bharggavi Ssayee
Bharggavi Ssayee
I have been drinking Rose Olive tea since August 2023. It’s super yummy. Hassle free time and once can have a satiating quantity of herbal tea made with less efforts. 6 months of Rose Olive tea has completely made me de-addicted from caffeine and chicory. I made my second purchase of Butterfly Bluepea tea in February 2024 and it tastes simply superb. I couldn’t resist myself from purchasing a gift combo of Jungle Sting teas for my loved one too. Thank you Team Jungle Sting.
Heena Sharma
Heena Sharma
Jungle Sting has become my go-to for quality organic products! The organic honey is pure bliss, and the extra virgin olive oil adds a delightful touch to my meals. Their six flavors of herbal tea, all olive grass-based, are a treat for the senses. Exceptional quality, prompt service – a perfect choice for anyone seeking premium organic options. Highly recommend!
Daitiva Sharma
Daitiva Sharma
Jungle Sting Aravalli Forest Organic Honey has exceeded my expectations. It's a premium product that delivers on taste, quality, and ethical sourcing. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch organic honey experience. They have certainly crafted a gem with this honey, and I'll be a loyal customer for years to come. Best organic honey directly from Satpura and Aravalli Forests to your home. Buy Jungle Sting products once for a great experience. #JungleSting #OrganicHoney #ForestHoney #AravalliForest #SatpuraForest #BestOrganicProductsOnline