The Jungle Sting Story

The Jungle are evidence of God’s bounty and residence to the tiny bee and the dignified tiger. The raw materials of our many natural products are sourced from the jungle of Satpura and Aravalli .

Our source of inspiration is the Bee itself, who not only keeps us alive but injects our life with purity. We, at Jungle Sting, strive to bring to each one of you, this very abundance and purity with the promise of love.

To this end, Jungle Sting, avails of its resources from the one world’s largest production units, the mighty Aravallis, Satpuras and fresh Olive farms .The people who procure the fresh raw materials from the valleys and depths of the jungle are the ones who live in harmony with all the other wonders of the natural world. The tribals access these materials without disturbing the divine natural balance, as they live and speak the language of the forests.



To bring the best of what nature and the jungle has to offer into every home, without disturbing the natural balance.


To create an ecosystem where we uplift the tribal groups, maintain the pristine state of the jungles, while bringing the goodness of nature.


To create and promote great-tasting, healthy, and organic products with Social Upliftment.

Our Workforce- Tribals

Jungle Sting also plays a major role in the social upliftment of  tribals and farmers who are now provided with a sustainable source of income while they are still connected with their roots. The tribals have a unique method of accessing the honey from the honeycombs without harming the bees. They smoke out the bees with a fragrant smoke and squeeze out the honey from the waxy combs before the bees are back. This pure essence of the floral nectar is brought home to you, loaded with love, and nothing else.

Similarly,  Olive Teas are sourced from the  farms of Olive virgin mountain ranges and are delivered on your tables with minimum interference from technology!

You are invited to taste nature at its best from the comforts of your homes. You are welcome to enjoy the various benefits to your health through our products.

Jungle Sting

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